Working Musician Podcast

A few weeks ago, musical colleague Dave Pedrick invited me to be on his Working Musician Podcast. I was a little concerned because 1) I don’t talk very much and 2) when I do, I don’t really like talking about myself. Well, Dave really does a great job with his podcast and he really got me talking.

Dave made me remember some really great things from my life in music….teachers, students, bands, concerts, and more. It made me realize I have done a lot of different things in music and have had many great experiences and met so many great and interesting people. Maybe I will start writing more about these things before I forget them.

Working Musician Podcast; Episode 066 Chris Heslop


Traffic Opera

traffic opera sign

It’s been about a year since it started. Filmmakers Sue Lange and Andrew Pochan asked me to compose music for a short opera-on-film set in a traffic jam. I composed the music last winter, we recorded the soundtrack in the spring and filmed in July. Finishing touches are still being put on the sound track and then it will sent out to the the world’s film festivals.
Traffic Opera